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Having top businesses as clients is the wish of any coupon advertising firm. While we have achieved this, it was not always like this. We worked with a lot of small businesses locally as we grew. At the height of our success, we are still committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow through our door hanger advertising campaigns.

We have worked with hundreds of client businesses, including some of the most popular in the country. Here’s a look at some of our clients among the Fortune 500 companies.


How We Have Carried Out Successful Campaigns with These Companies

Before we started working with them, we created a target for the business before we proceeded to conclude on the budget for the campaign. To carry out successful coupon advertising campaigns, we followed some principles:

  • Setting a target: We were specific to a fault concerning the number of engagements, impressions, responses, and sales that we wanted as an outcome of the campaign. This helped us to highlight areas of improvements that we employed in the next campaign. Keeping a track record, we were able to know the success of each of our campaigns.

  • Creating an irresistible offer: This is the most critical part of coupon advertising. This offer must be time-bound, and it must be significant enough to move someone out of his or her seat. We offered massive discounts while still trying to maintain our profit margins, and we were mostly successful.

  • Attractive designs: Before reading what you have to say in your door hangers, the first thing that catches the eyes by default is the design of the door hanger. Apart from creating attention, attractive designs can define a business in a particular class, and we took full advantage of this. The designs were bold, creative, and clean.

  • Persuasive content: For a sale to occur, then the customer must be convinced beyond doubt about a product’s value to him or her. Our door hangers fuelled the already existing desire for our products and services in our customers. They were simple, bold, and easy to read. It included brief descriptions and created a sense of urgency in the customers. To cap it off, we included a strong call-to-action.

  • We defined our audience: Not everybody in a particular locality is for you. We defined our audience based on their geographical location, age, gender, and average income. This helped us to get a more effective contact with our audience.

  • Distribution management: We made use of enthusiasts and volunteers who were willing to supplement the efforts of our team in distributing the copies.

  • Appraisal: At the end of each campaign, we took stock of our position in the market, calculating profits and highlighting areas that needed improvement. 

Your Business Can Benefit, As Well.

Nothing stops you from achieving successful door hanger advertising campaigns just the same way we have helped these Fortune 500 companies. We focus on the quality of service, and we have a passionate team that is fully focused on delivering at optimum capacity. Thus, you can equally benefit from our door hanger advertising products and services.

The logic behind our profitable model is has been proven by several of these companies and our franchise owners equally. We have a fast turnaround and are truly professionals in our field. Invest smartly into door hanger advertising. You would have no regrets.

To become one of our clients, simply send us an email to, or you can reach our phone number at 855-218-3667. We would be glad to serve you and take your business to the top.

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