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Several companies across all industries are searching for ways to maximize their profit margins. Fortunately, door hanger advertising has become the order of the day. With this window of opportunity, you can take advantage of it by introducing these businesses to this advertising model.

By simply starting your franchise, where you design and deliver door hangers, you have opened an avenue to become your own boss. The awesome thing about starting your own franchise is that you will always have your own market, which covers all companies seeking new or more effective marketing campaign strategies and those who need coupon advertising. Let us help you start your own franchise.

What You Need To Get Started

The minimal requirements needed are:

  • A computer system

  • A publishing software

  • A vehicle for delivery

However, you also need to cover adverts for your opening, utilities, real estate lease (if you are not using your home), décor, signage, training costs from our personnel, licensing, and insurance. Nevertheless, these services are affordable, and in all, your capital requirement would be within the range of $30,000 to $40,000. We can even provide you with some initial franchise fee.

Check Out Our Franchise

We are franchising in many places at the moment, so there is room for you in any location of your choice. We have decades of experience in this distribution business, so we are in a perfect position to offer you this. In your projection, you would have thousands of businesses to advertise for locally, and within a year, you should have broken even and started making profits.

We offer full training courses covering operations, business management, sales and marketing, and customer relationships training. So, you do not need any experience to start up. You can operate your franchise from home and even handle it as a part-time job.

We also support our franchisees with after-sales upkeep, marketing support, graphic design, printing and publication, especially at the start of their franchisee until they are strong enough.

Advantages of Owning Your Own Franchise

  • You get results: Many industries are almost saturated with enough competition. Thus, no one would want to travel or drive far just to get a product or service. Thus, local businesses tend to prosper with door hanger advertising. This means that you are always in demand.

  • You get to make the decision: Rather than allowing someone else decides how you can run your life, you get to choose your working hours, days, and much more. Additionally, if there is something you do not like, you can change it immediately.

Working Together With Our Franchisee

All our franchisees are a direct illustration of who and what we are. Because of this, we have to ensure that they are accountable for certain things. A franchisee of the Coupon Advertising Company should ensure that he or she:

  • Turns in profits: We care about the welfare of all our franchisees and want to see them do well. Our model of business is self-sustainable, and this should not change for anything. If they encounter any challenge, we are ready to help.

  • Management of distribution: Our franchisee should be proactive. Working with many brands may pose a challenge sometimes; however, with the support we have provided, this should not be a problem.

  • Customer relationship: Your business is as good as your relationship with customers. Therefore, we expect our franchisee to build customer relations.

Write Your Own Success Story


Companies that need door hanger advertising and coupon advertising will always be in existence. This provides you with the chance to work with these multi-industrial companies first hand while achieving financial freedom.

Be an asset to your community. Contact us now!
Phone number: 855-218-3667

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