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Residential homes and commercial businesses need maintenance and proper care to retain their true value. Thus, home services like plumbing, flooring, HVAC, landscaping, cleaning, moving services, handymen, storage services, etc. would always be needed from time to time. However, it is not easy for these homes or businesses to get access to such service easily. It is for this reason that door hanger advertising is needed.


As a way to find the best home service providers in your community, coupon advertising and door hanger advertising offer several benefits to individuals in the community, the community itself, and the home service industry at large.

Benefits of Door Hanger Advertising in the Home Service Industry

You might find it challenging in terms of cost to put a door hanger at every single building in your city. However, with The Coupon Advertising Company, you can place them at strategic locations that would guarantee the most impressions. The benefits of this are:

  • Eradication of the massive competition: One of the major problems that have plagued the home service industry is competition. There are landscapers, plumbers, handymen at every nook and cranny fighting for the same set of customers while many other areas lack these people. Door hanger advertising helps to even out this aberration, giving businesses an advantage over their rivals by helping them to find their own audience.

  • Lack of funds: There is hardly any home service company that does not need financing. However, door hanger advertising helps to provide the option of funding by becoming a franchisee. Even with quality services offered, a home service business without proper funds will hit the rock. Still, the management of limited funds through effective coupon advertising and provision of incentives helps to lift the industry off the ground.

  • Not enough workforce: The home service industry is labour intensive, and its professionals are one of the hardest working people. Door hanger advertising helps to allocate for proper use of labour. Also, it creates an awareness of employment opportunities for interested parties.
    Unavailability of a standard pricing model: Door hanger advertising includes a pricing model in the flyers, postcards, and coupons. Therefore, when clients visit such businesses, they have an idea of what the price is, rather than just a haphazard system of prices. For example, by visiting our website or sending us an email at, you can get a free quote.

  • Poor customer experience: Because of the already debilitating situation of the home industry, customers complain of a poor experience most times. This can be avoided with coupon advertising where what customers expect is already known. This is because the Coupon Advertising Company builds a working relationship with the customers or businesses over time. It has been said that the United States companies lose over $62 billion annually due to this reason. Fortunately, it can be stopped.

A Welcome Help!


The home service industry could really make-do with a lot of help from door hanger advertising. It is a sector filled with the potential of becoming one of the biggest industries in the country with the right help.

Benefits to individual businesses equal a better industry overall. Thus, door hanger advertising and coupon advertising would always be a welcome way to give the industry a face-lift and more.

The Coupon Advertising Company is revolutionizing various industries with its ground-breaking approach to door hanger advertising. To learn more, visit the website today. You can also send us an email for further inquiries.

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