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Our focus as a coupon advertising company is to provide affordable coupon advertising options for promoting small businesses in local communities. We do this by offering insights to our clients through our unique value proposition.


We have perfected a system that works as a result of several pieces of training, methodologies, and commitment investments. We would highlight each of them below and see their role in our testimonial.




Let us get started!


From the model that we have developed, we have shown a method that works with the success of our franchise. Therefore, we must establish them for more success in the future. To do this effectively, we have drafted out online and offline training programs as a comprehensive approach to door hanger advertising.

The basics - learning from instructors

  • Operation - This short course teaches you everything about business management.

  • Sales and marketing- This teaches business branding as well as how to pass across this value of your service to others.

  • Role-playing - This is all about delivering door hangers, flyers, and postcards with their content in an assured manner. 


Field Training

  • Shadowing: In collaboration with educational establishments, we provide trainees with some field experience by allowing them to accompany our professionals throughout their entire operation.

  • Fostering customer relationships. Successful businesses thrive on this foundation.

  • Reviews and testimonials from current customers. As part of our culture, we put up reviews for newbies to look up to people who have passed through similar situations.

This is a project delivery system where the service provider takes care of the entire operation, and this is exactly what we do. With professionals at the helm of our operations, The Coupon Advertising Company has been able to grow beyond borders. From covering just a few areas in the States initially, we now cover all of the United States.

Thus, the Coupon Advertising Company supports its franchisees with the following:

  • After-sales upkeep

  • Marketing support

  • Graphic design

  • Printing and publication


In essence, we are competent when it comes to delivering you the success that you require for your business. This is why we have developed a business model for our franchisees to run smoothly and cost-effectively.

What Does A Franchisee Do?

Since our franchisees represent our values as a brand, we can work with conviction through our unique value proposition. Thus, Coupon Advertising Company franchisee has the following responsibilities:

  • Lucrativeness: This involves more than just getting payments. To sustain this, the franchisee is obliged to nurture working relationships with the client businesses.

  • Distribution management: Door hanger advertising requires the franchisee to have both insights and foresight. Of course, this is the main essence of the entire business. We inspire trust-building between businesses and franchisees.


What You Need To Start Investing?

The whole process carries a low cost for a start-up. Types of expenditure required include:

  • The initial franchise fee (We can provide you with this)

  • Grand opening advertising

  • Utility fees, deposits, and a real estate lease

  • Facilities, equipment, décor, and signage

  • Computer system

  • Training costs

  • Licensing and permits

  • Insurance

  • Miscellaneous funds


The total costs for the above group of expenditures generally fall between $30,000 and $40,000 in most cases, depending on the various factors or situations faced. Get to know us better. Learn more about how it works. Send us a mail today at:

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