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Medical and Dental services make up what is often referred to as the healthcare industry. Public and private institutions all over the country offer these services. When it comes to this industry, door hanger advertising does not readily come to mind. This is because a lot of such services have not discovered the benefits of this method of advertising in the health service industry.

Major health issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, substance abuse, etc. have plagued the medical and dental service industry, thus rubbing the shine off an otherwise competitive industry. However, many of these indices could be much lower if the next-door neighbour knows of the best places to have access to healthcare within his or her community.

Benefits of Door Hanger Advertising in the Medical and Dental Service Industry

Coupon advertising confers numerous advantages to healthcare services in the United States, some of which include:

  • Costs: The costs of medical treatments and pharmacological agents have been on the rise. This has affected the quality of healthcare in the industry as insurance plans on average, do not cover much of these services. The direct-fee system in the country sees about 16% of the population uninsured because of the increased costs. This translates to about 50 million Americans. Coupon advertising deals with this problem by letting people know the most cost-effective services while also providing them with opportunities to start a franchise or get insured.

  • Opportunities: Door hanger advertising helps to reveal hidden opportunities that exist in this industry. For example, there are programs and businesses on medical and dental entrepreneurship. Community-based organisations and non-medical programs willing to collaborate lead to a transformation. Coupon advertising flaunts such opportunities in postcards and flyers. Besides, who would not want to take advantage of coupon advertising and discount deals for their health?

  • They stand out: When door hangers are placed at your door, you cannot easily ignore them as opposed to junk mails, some ads on the web, or even print media. The ability of door hanger advertising to stand out amidst other forms of advertisement gives the medical and dental service industry a chance to stand out as well.

  • A better service: The number of patients far outweigh the number of medical and dental service professionals. Many people cite this as a reason why they do not go to the clinic. However, with door hanger advertising, patients are distributed evenly in the communities, and everyone has access to healthcare providers. This way, fewer people would complain about patient satisfaction surveys.

The Journey So Far

In the last year, 41 Fortune 500 companies came from the medical and dental service industry. The top 5 companies in this category were:

  • HCA Healthcare (Nashville, Tennessee)

  • Tenet Healthcare (Dallas)

  • DaVita (Denver)

  • Community Health Systems (Franklin, Tennessee) 

  • Universal Health Service (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania)

While this makes up for a great statistical position, it is worth knowing that the health of an individual is invaluable. At such, coupon advertising focuses on getting the best of medical and dental services to individuals in the community.

In the end, it is a win-win situation for everyone because doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and health service businesses make their money and remain sustainable. Patients get the best quality of care. The implication of this is a better industry.

Health for All

The Coupon Advertising Company allows businesses and individuals to achieve their goals through its Coupon advertising platform. Email us today! We would be happy to give you a quote immediately.

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