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Consumers can't resist the chance to pay less for a product or service they wish to attain. This is true regardless of what market demographic your business targets or how nice the things you sell are.

Did you know that more than fifty percent of consumers spend about two hours weekly seeking discounts? It was officially recorded that thirty-nine percent purchased a product earlier than anticipated, thanks to a discount. Why not meet them halfway and give them the value they want if they are already looking for the best deal?

Create a coupon advertising campaign once you've decided what kind of deal to offer through the coupon. You can have a favorable impact on all phases of the customer lifecycle, including acquisition, retention, and reactivation — but only if you have a great coupon strategy in mind.

We have put together some of the greatest advice on a coupon advertising campaign, so continue reading this post to equip yourself better as a business owner.

Welcome Coupons

First impressions matter a lot. The importance of welcome campaigns is more than you would think. This is the first coupon campaign example on our list since you only have one chance to welcome a new customer—it can be the first and only chance to turn an indifferent visitor into a loyal client.

Before delivering the welcome voucher, you can allow new customers to familiarise themselves with the deals your business is offering.

Flash Sales

A flash sale is a brief promotion that makes people feel hurried and experience what is primarily known as FOMO (fear of missing out). It is among the most well-liked and efficient coupon campaigns for businesses. Flash sales aid in attracting buyers in a market saturated with substitute brands. Time-limited promotions have a substantial impact on buying decisions indirectly.

Flash sales have a high potential for success. You can restrict the availability of a flash discount coupon to particular areas, consumer groups, or order sizes to prevent it from making the rounds. It would be ideal to associate the flash discount coupon with a specific occasion or season for better coverage.

Happy Hours Promotion

Happy hour promotions can be an effective marketing strategy for any type of business, even though they are typically used by food and beverage companies. You don't need to sell beer to execute this strategy, we assure you. Whatever you're selling, time-based campaigns are a terrific method to boost sales during slow times and draw in new customers to your business. You can also use it to incentivize customers to make purchases sooner than they otherwise would by giving them discounts on popular items that are in high demand for a certain period.

Verify if your company is experiencing seasonality issues before launching a happy hour marketing campaign through coupons. Even more importantly, ensure your offer is accessible to your target market during the designated window of opportunity.

Use Local Directories

You're probably going to concentrate on regional customers. In that case, you should absolutely use local business directories. There should be a lot to pick from. Make sure to register for the largest and busiest directory. Generally, adding your company to a local directory is free. Your contribution could help drive more visitors to your business and help it become more visible.

Gate Coupons Campaigns

Gated coupons are special offers that are intended for people in a specific social category, such as students, veterans, or healthcare professionals. There are several opportunities all year long to honor those whose extraordinary contributions make our society better every day. Depending on your company's core principles, you might wish to engage and appreciate those consumers.

Digital verification, a step that verifies users' credentials, protects the procedure for redeeming a gated offer. You can influence a change in consumer buying patterns in particular social groups by integrating segment-based discounts.

Social Media

Business owners can advertise in a variety of ways without spending a lot of money. Social media is undoubtedly a wise decision. Today, billions of users worldwide use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It costs nothing to register an account for your business. You'll be able to market your discount offers and coupons to your customers directly once you learn how to leverage these platforms.

In addition, you may maximize your return on investment since social media marketing reach will perhaps enable your coupon codes to go viral.

Free Shipping Coupons

This is a perfect strategy for online businesses particularly. Free shipping discounts and coupons can be your greatest bet if you're looking for a practical approach to reducing the number of incomplete orders. Costly delivery is one of the most often cited causes of cart abandonment. According to Baymard Institute research, more than 50% of respondents cited exorbitant additional costs as the reason they weren't placing orders. The last barrier to the buyer making a purchase is the delivery cost. You may minimize client reluctance and create favorable brand connections by putting it out of the way.

The Takeaway!

So, which of these coupon initiatives will you give a try next? If your business has been struggling to penetrate across your target audience, it’s about time you revisit your coupon advertising strategy.

In this post, we’ve discussed some of the most commonly adopted approaches you could tailor according to your business needs. Your coupon advertising strategy must be in sync with your business goals because, if not, you might not witness the results you anticipated.

If you’re looking for a business to help you with your coupon marketing strategy, reach out to us at The Coupon Advertising Company. With us on your side, you can place coupons on up to 10,000 doors in your local area.

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