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We understand that not everyone appreciates coupon advertising and door hangers on their properties. There are even some controversies surrounding door hanger advertising and invasion of property. However, we do not want to be part of any dispute, and we respect whatever decision or opinions you have about door hanger advertising. Thus, we have provided a means to solve this. This page is about attending to your request of delivery removal.

Alternatively, you may be running your business with our door hangers, and you no longer want deliveries to some certain places. We will also help you to address this.

How To Be Removed From Deliveries?

Just like any other step to unsubscribing from certain subscriptions, you can stop receiving deliveries by just filling a short form. Follow the steps below:

Open our website at using your phone or computer

  • Click on menu

  • Next, click on our “request delivery removal” page

  • Read through the short section as a guide on how to remove the deliveries on the site.

  • Proceed to fill the form below

Request Delivery Removal

Thanks for submitting!

Remember that all the information you have given us is safe and we are obligated to protecting them. After submission of the form, it would be processed within 24 to 48 hours, and you can expect to stop receiving our coupon advertising flyers or door hangers. In the rare event that you keep receiving our deliveries, then you can place a call through to our line at 855-218-3667. We would immediately fix it. However, it is unlikely to happen.

If in future, if you decide to be a part of the places we cover, then you can send an email to us at with your details stating that you would like to be included again. We would gladly welcome you back as every customer matters to us.

Fostering Healthy Relationships

We consider our relationship with our customers as a priority. Thus, we are eager to serve them in every capacity within our jurisdiction, and at such delivery, removal is part of it. Whatever your reason is for removing request deliveries, we are happy to grant it just to keep our customers happy and satisfied. 

Visit our blog today. We have some exciting content there just for you. Let us know what you need. Call us now! 

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