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Coupon Advertising Samples

You must have come across several regular door hangers at hotels, offices, or some other facilities sending some message or instructions. While we also produce door hangers, we do it in style to achieve a targeted form of advertisement to generate leads for your business.

In light of this, we have come up with several coupon templates for your door hanger advertising. These templates serve as a guide for you in choosing the most appealing layout for your own business. Remember that we can also help you create your own custom templates, so feel free to explore!

How to Develop a Good Coupon?

Coupon advertising is a great way to express creativity. To ensure you get the most out of your door hanger advertising campaign, certain elements must be included in it. Such elements include:

  • Design: Coupons generally should at least have an image with some colour. Images are eye-catching so it’s vital to have relevant images related to your area of operation.

  • Expiry dates of coupons: A sense of urgency always backed up by a compelling call-to-action leaves potential customers little chance of ignoring your business. Thus, you need coupons with short expiry dates stated clearly and in bold. People generally tend to procrastinate with coupons having a false sense of security that there is still enough time. An exceptional coupon addresses this issue.

  • Content: Of course, it doesn’t make sense, just putting up images without something to say to your audience. Your coupon should have relevant content containing the location of your business, your working hours, website, email, and phone number. This way, you are accessible, and customers can easily reach out to you. Additionally, your text should be clear and easy to read.

  • Exclusivity: As part of your content, your coupon should contain terms and conditions for eligibility. You do not want a situation where you mislead customers into patronizing you, and then they end up disappointed without the coupons. It only leads to poor quality of service.

  • Gather intel from competitors: If you have businesses in the same niche doing better than you, then you would want to educate yourself on what it is that they are doing and include it in yours. This way, you minimize competition and stand out as best.

  • Promotional deals: Discount codes, free shipping, gifts, etc. serve as incentives for people to purchase your products or services, and they should be carried out using a compelling call-to-action. The CTA should contain action or command words (verbs) and should carry an attractive design as well. You can take advantage of special seasons and holidays to drive home your message.

Samples of Coupons

Below are samples of coupons that you can apply for your business. Feel free to adopt any of the formats or use them as a concept to come up with your own unique custom coupons. Remember that it should contain all the elements that you have learned in this article.

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