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Just at the Right Time

"I appreciate the effort you put into helping my business come alive with your door hanger advertising campaign. Initially, I was hesitant about this marketing strategy, but with what it has done for clothing line, I would always appreciate it. Your manager reassured me time and again about the success of the operation, and he explained the entire thing to me. I would definitely not hesitate to use your service again."

Anna | Miami, FL.


Every Inch professional

"The Coupon Advertising Company is truly phenomenal! I read their “How it works” page, and made up my mind to be a franchisee. It was not long before I received professional help until I could stand on my own. Very few businesses can replicate this feat. I can guarantee that this business is tested and trusted."

Abe | Phoenix, AZ


No Regrets

"I’d become used to seeing a lot of door hanger advertising flyers in my neighbourhood from this company. I decided to try it out of curiosity for my little start-up company. In the end, I had to employ more hands to cope with the demands that I got for my product. No regrets, rather I’m glad I tried it out. I’m sticking to it."

Emma | Edmond, OK


Problem Solved!

"My company has been having problems breaking even since the end of its first year. I needed to increase my auto dealership’s exposure badly, so I used their door hanger advertising products. They helped me to make and distribute custom flyers, and I saw over 250% increase in returns. I am glad that I made the right decision to turn to them for help in my time of need."

AutoState Group Inc. | Santa Ana, CA


My Latest Discovery
"It’s sad to know that all these years, I have been wasting so much money using emails as my marketing campaign strategy. Meanwhile, the audience I needed was staring at me in the face. In the first week of using the Coupon Advertising Company’s products, I got up to 200 new prospects, making it easily the most historic week in this area for our Spa services. The numbers don’t lie. I am glad I discovered them finally, and I look forward to working with them again."


Easy day Spa| Minneapolis, MN


Thank you

"I was heading out to work only to discover their coupon advertising postcards on my fence. In my rush, I decided to take a look. After that, I was like, why don’t I just employ their products for my almost forgotten restaurant. I contacted this company and 6 months after; I have quit my job to manage my lucrative business fully. Thank you to the customer service of this company."

Creamy indulge café | Austin, TX

No Worries

"For a long time, I had worries about how to promote my landscaping business using coupon advertising. I read the “Coupon Advertising Samples” section, and thereafter, I got advice on how to develop a good coupon and offer promotional deals. It worked! I’m happy with how well my business is doing, and I’m truly satisfied. No worries."

The plotters | Houston, TX


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